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So you wanna learn more about me

Hello, I'm Jess. I currently lead design at Gallery in a growing market for creators and curators.

My strength is in connecting the dots and pattern detection, and creating modular systems for solving multiple problems for multiple people. That naturally makes me great at macro design infrastructure problems, connecting disparate workflows, platform architecture, and decentralized systems.

I enjoy designing systems for creating, but I'm flexible. I always find ways to scratch my creative itch outside of my day job. I thrive in environments that are non-competitive, inclusive, kind, value craft/creativity/curiosity, and are supportive of my growth.

Previously I was a designer at Airbnb on the Community Support Platform team designing tools that help 10K Airbnb agents triage 20M support cases worldwide to respond to COVID-19 and the Airbnb community at large.

Before that, I was an early designer at Samsara↗. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Cognitive Science in 2017.

This website

was designed and coded by me in Markdown, React.js, and Tailwind in Motif↗