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So you wanna learn more about me

Hello, I'm Jess! I'm currently a full-time contractor at Airbnb on the Community Support Platform team, designing tools that help 10K Airbnb agents triage 20M support cases worldwide to support the Airbnb community.

Previously I was an early designer at Samsara↗ and Sonder↗. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Cognitive Science in 2017.

In 2019, I experienced a difficult life event that made it impossible for me to work full-time. I decided to take a personal sabbatical to focus on my mental health. During this time I traveled to various parts of the world including Taiwan and New York.

I'm a forever student and design buff. When I'm not working, I'm helping my friend with his architecture firm Temporary Office↗. In 2022, our project, The Water House, won first place in the Nano House 2021 Architecture Competition↗

This website

was designed and coded by me in Markdown, React.js, and Tailwind in Motif↗